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Addicted to staring at mobile screen, man using mobile camera to see things instead of directly using eyes

11, Sep 2014 By idiot420

Delhi. Phonish Banerjee, a man in his mid twenties addicted to staring at mobile screen, has finally decided to use mobile camera to see things, instead of directly using eyes.

Phonish, a self confessed mobile addict says he just can’t remove his eyes from the mobile screen. “To begin with, it was just a hobby. But now, I think time is apt to take my hobby to the next level. I am just following my heart,” Phonish told Faking News.

No, he is not clicking photo.
No, he is not clicking photo.

“It’s pretty simple. I love looking at mobile screen and mobiles have cameras. So, why not I fully utilize the camera feature and the keep doing the thing which I actually love to do. Each time I remove my eyes from mobile screen, I get a feeling that I am just wasting my life and the power of seeing which God has endowed me with,” Phonish continued.

“These days, there are so many mobiles with high megapixel cameras in market. They are not like old VGA cameras, after seeing through which one feels like suffering from cataract,” he added further explaining how his decision was perfectly safe.

Phonish believes, by using camera to see, he will be able to do a lot of things which he can’t do with normal eyes.

“Just imagine the benefit of zooming facility while checking out a girl standing at a distance,” he justified his move by putting another strong argument, “And one more thing, by using front camera, one can get rid of mirror.”

Phonish’s bold decision is being seen as start of a new trend and market experts are expecting many more to follow.

“Out there, many people are willing to do what Phonish did. As of now, they are hiding their real feelings and trying to look sane because they think it will look odd to use mobile for such purpose. But very soon, we will see people walking on streets, while holding mobile in front of their eyes,” said a senior executive of a mobile company. “Phonish’s act is certainly going to motivate them to be who they really want to be.”