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Afraid of encounter in UP, criminal digs a 5km tunnel from his home to go to jail

11, Mar 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Amid the criticism over rising cases of encounters in Uttar Pradesh, as many as 15 police shootouts were reported from 10 districts of the state in just 48 hours, said a media report. Taking cognisance of the violent crackdown by the state government on criminals, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) had sought a detailed report from the UP government in November last year. But the good thing about the encounters is that it has instilled a never before seen fear in the mind of the culprits. In a bizzare incident reported from Bareilly, Jagdish Malik a wanted criminal was caught digging a tunnel from his home to the jail.


Jagdish has been on the run since last 3 years and has umpteen number of cases registered against him by the UP police. Looking at the growing number of encounters in recent days, Jagdish was unable to go out of home from many days in the past. He tried hard to somehow escape the state and settle down in some other state but all in vain. A huge movie buff, Jagdish Malik got the idea of digging a tunnel from the movie Shawshank Redemption and thought that once he is inside the jail no one can kill him. So he started digging a tunnel some 2 months back. The process of digging was kept a secret and only his family members knew about his plan.

After digging for 2 months, Jagdish arrived at the Bareilly central jail today morning and has taken abode inside one of the prisons. The Prison authorities were shocked by this incident and upon investigation found that the tunnel started from Jagdish’s home. To prevent other criminals using the new route, police officials filled up the tunnel with help of local authorities.