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After being snubbed for broken English man does the same in a French accent, becomes a star

23, Apr 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Bangalore: A local man who was regularly snubbed and frowned upon by his co-workers for having so called poor English speaking skills started speaking English in a French accent and has since become the most popular guy in the office.

The quintessential french guy
The quintessential french guy

The people in his office are reportedly attracted to the assumed sophistication and beauty of an European accent.

We spoke to the man Suman Kumar(Which has since been changed to Tsímön Kumá) who started with bonsoir monsieur but was told immediately to cut the crap by our reporter.

He later said, “Now I was tired of people constantly looking down on me just because my English wasn’t up to their self set standards and I also faced a lot of flak from my clients who found it demeaning to talk to me. As I was seriously considering a career change I saw 2 European tourists asking for directions around town, what surprised me was how patiently people were trying to understand their heavily accented and broken English and were even pleased to hear it.”

“Then I went and asked the same people directions in my broken Indian accent but was shooed away with ‘Hume nain pata’. That’s when I found out that my accent change is my key to high society. On top of that whenever someone hears me speak in a French accent they are so over awed that they don’t even ask as to how I got this accent. With this I have been asked out by 5 different women and my client has reduced his outrageous demands by 90%. This is a total winner,” he added.

Now even his company  is training all other employees to speak in a similar manner, to give the impression that it is a chic upscale organization and not a murderous sweatshop it’s rightfully made out to be.