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After car loan, house loan and personal loan, now banks offering dowry loan

07, Sep 2014 By trolldevi

Delhi. To counter the evil practice of dowry in their own way, all the banks in the country have started offering the much needed “Dowry Loan”.

Scene outside one of the banks.

Mr.Viswanath, who has been working for one of the top banks in the country came up with this innovative idea. He immediately presented it in front of Indian Banks’ Association and our sources say that this one got instant approval.

The details of the scheme are as follows:

1. Every common man with one or more daughters is eligible to take the loan.

2. One has to submit the complete details of the bride and groom one month prior.

3. The loan amount to be given will be based on the groom’s profile. For example: Customer willing to have IIT+IIM son-in-law can take up to Rs 1 crore as dowry loan.

4. Since some people need to pay to marriage bureaus as well, they can take few extra lakhs.

Soon after the announcement, people were spotted standing in queues in front of banks accompanied by their future son-in-laws assisting them with glucose and nutrition bars.

We interviewed Rohit, an NRI who was feeding Boost to his future father-in-law.

“I returned from US as soon as I heard about this amazing scheme. Even though the girl is working for some MNC and earning well, my parents and I were little hesitant. But this scheme almost brought Diwali to our lives,” Rohit told Faking News.

He turned towards his future father-in-law and said, “Hang on uncle. You can do it. By any chance you’re not going to use some of this money for marriage expenses, right?” his face beamed up after bride’s father said, “No man, chill. I’m planning to sell my kidney for that.”

Mr.Viswanath, the man behind this innovative idea, seems to be really happy with the results.

“Being father of 3 daughters, it’s not too surprising that I came up with this idea. After working for 30 years and marrying off my eldest daughter, I was left with my one month salary. I got this idea after receiving a call from one bank asking if I wanted some kind of loan,” revealed Mr. Vishwanath, who is all set to marry off his second daughter.