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After doing Nagin Dance continuously for 24 Hrs man turns into a snake

06, Jan 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

New Delhi: In a jaw dropping news a local man who was continuously doing Nagin Dance for a staggering 24 hours has now turned into a snake. This incident occurred at a local wedding where many youths started congregating after hearing about the free bar.

Nagin dance can turn you into a snake...Really!
Nagin dance can turn you into a snake…Really!

The man in question a certain Mr Mongoose Lal reportedly arrived at about 9 PM and after taking full advantage of the free bar for about 3 hrs turned his attention to the DJ who was playing the Naagin song and then started to do the signature maneuvers like putting both hands on his forehead like snake fangs and gyrating madly.

He soon became the center of attention of the party, even beating the girl with the low cut dress and everyone started to simultaneously dance with him.

After the music ended at about 3 AM he still continued to dance, as if nothing had changed and still continued as the decorator wrapped everything up and a new decorator came and started preparing for the next wedding. The folks at the next wedding didn’t take kindly to his moves and made the police arrest him for public indecency.

The man even didn’t stop after been thrown into a cell, then the inmates and the constables at duty reported the strange phenomena.

We spoke to Billu Ram his inmate, “We were seeing Mongoose as he hadn’t stopped his dancing for about 24 hrs even after incessant beatings from the authorities and then it started! He started shaking uncontrollably, we initially thought he had invented some new Nagin maneuver but then we saw him shrinking in size, his skin changing colour and finally to our horror being completely changed into a snake! We all were dumbstruck and chaos ensued.”

No one has been able to explain this strange phenomenon yet but Kejriwal has started blaming Modi for this incident. Mongoose later slid away from his cell and went into the jungle where he continues to do and teach other snakes the Naagin Dance.