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After finding out there are enough to cover all, BBMP decides to name potholes after Bangaloreans

16, Sep 2015 By dasu

Bangalore: As per the latest survey done by Bangalore Association on Potholes (BAP), for the first time the number of potholes inside the city has outnumbered the residents.

Bangalore potholes to have an identity of their own
Bangalore potholes to have an identity of their own

As per BAP, this is something unique which Bangalore has achieved ahead of other major cities in India. Bangaloreans who were proud to be residents of the Garden city not long ago are dumbstruck and do not know how to react to a piece of news like this.

BBMP wanted to seize the moment. Top officials of the BBMP felt it is high time they need to reward the hardworking citizens of this city who are ready to move on with their life without complaining about such silly things. In a unique gesture BBMP has decided to name each pothole against one person from Bangalore.

We spoke to BBMP official Sathish Reddy about this. He said, “We get requests almost every day to name a road or a circle after someone. As such we are not making many new roads or circles. Most of the underpasses and flyovers are done by BDA which we cannot name after anyone.”

“When we came across the survey results, we thought why not give the names of the potholes after Bangaloreans. After all this will be tribute to the skills of people from the city who have found a way to dodge these potholes as they come across so many of them on their way to work place or while returning back home,” he added.

“We will give the name of the potholes as per the number of years one has stayed near to that. We have found some potholes which are more than 30 years old in areas of Bangalore like Jayanagar and Indiranagar. Those potholes will be named after the old residents of those areas,” he said with a smile.

When we asked if there might be shortage of potholes as every year there is huge the inflow of people who are recruited in huge numbers by the big IT companies. Mr. Reddy said, “We have factored that. Every day sufficient quantity of new potholes are created on Bangalore roads. I think we will be able to match the demand. If the situation arise, we will allow the heavily loaded trucks to increase their number of trips than they usually take inside the city.”

“We have suggested BAP to come up with statistics to show area wise number of potholes. We will reward the area which has maximum potholes. This will be a reward for the resilience power of the citizens of that area who are able to manage in spite of so much hurdle in their life,” Mr. Reddy concluded.