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After getting caught, robber claims he was doing “social experiment” to check how active police and society were

18, Jul 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Kranti Joshi, a man in his early twenties was caught last night by local police while he was trying to break into a jewelery shop in Sarojini Nagar.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Kranti claimed that he was doing a “social experiment” to check how active police was and how helpful society was in such scenarios. He showed a video camera to support his claim.

Social Experiment
Another social experiment in progress.

“Yes, there was a hidden camera attached to his jacket, and he indeed was recording his own act of robbery,” said Dharmendra Pal, in-charge of the local police station, “But this doesn’t prove that he wasn’t going to rob the shop.”

When asked why would a robber record his own act, Pal said “shauq badi cheez hoti hai.”

Dharmendra Pal believes that Kranti belongs to a new breed of robbers who believe that their work is an art. He claimed that the hidden camera was not for any “social experiment” but for “portfolio creation”.

“These guys are highly impressed by movies like Dhoom, and want to show off their daring robberies and thefts,” explained Mr. Pal.

A junior police officer from the same police station, Pratap Sharma, who is a self confessed YouTube addict, too believes that Kranti was not doing any “social experiment”. As per Sharma, Kranti is indeed a robber and he was carrying the video camera as a safety measure.

However, the policemen concede that Kranti could have an upper hand in the eyes of public and law, because camera was on his side.

“His lawyer is surely going to produce YouTube videos of many other social experiments, where people fake a crime to check the empathy level of public, as proof that Kranti was doing something similar,” feared Pratap Sharma.

Talking exclusively to Faking News, Kranti reiterated that his only motive was to expose the pathetic police system of India and how people don’t help when a robbery takes place in neighborhood.

“All was going fine and I was about to give a perfect message to our country, but police ruined it all by arriving at time and arresting me,” he said, “They simply don’t want people of this country to wake up!”

Meanwhile, Delhi police is mulling over the idea of releasing whatever was recorded in Kranti’s camera. “It will certainly give a boost to our shattered image that we never arrive in time to stop a crime,” hoped Delhi Police Commissioner.

“But this might cause other criminals to carry a camera to prove their innocence,” he feared.