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After meeting painful accident, girl meets painful well wishers

12, Nov 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. 24-year-old Sunayana Sharma’s swift recovery from a mildly damaging road accident was halted when a series of spontaneous visits by various well wishers spooked her out of recuperation. Well wishers made her feel that the accident was actually more horrible than what her doctors have been telling her and it might actually leave her incapable of enjoying life as usual. Doctors are now reviewing the situation.

“We were hoping to discharge her after a couple of hours as she was showing real healthy signs of recovery after we administered her first aid and required stitches. But suddenly in the last few hours her blood pressure has gone down and her heartbeats have been irregular. I guess we’ll not take any chances and keep her for another couple of days and carry out more diagnostic tests,” Dr. Ajeet Varma from Apollo Hospitals said.

Sunayana is not responding as quickly to treatments now
Sunayana is not responding as quickly to treatments now

Sunayana had suffered multiple bruises and cuts on left cheekbone, chin and forehead, apart from a hairline fracture in her index finger of left hand when her company cab was hit by a truck while she was returning home after an extended shift at the office last night.

She was immediately taken to hospital and had been showing fast sign of recovery since morning, but then various relatives and colleagues from offices started visiting her in the hospital and things started changing fast.

“Oh god! Sunayana baby, you should tell the doctors to take care of that cut on cheekbone and forehead. The stitches can leave back a permanent scar you know baby. You have so beautiful eyes and a scar on the cheekbone will really be bad, but I’m sure there would be no problem. You are such as sweet child my baby,” Sunayana’s neighbor Pushpa aunty wished the best for her.

Poonam, an office colleague of Sunayana, who brought a big bouquet of red roses for her, also shared her experience with Sunayana when she had fallen from her stairs and got a hairline fracture in her left toe. She told Sunayana how she can’t wear high heels due to that fracture, even though other people thought she was just too bulky for it. Poonam further advised Sunayana not to wear that gold ring on her left index finger for at least one year as it could bring bad luck.

“I hope my doctors are treating me well,” Sunayana told Faking News when our reporter went to ask her if she noted down the registration/license number of truck that hit her cab or if her cab driver was following traffic rules. She didn’t want to talk over such issues and said, “Please leave me alone, I even turned away by boyfriend today as he tried to tell me I was still beautiful to her. Why can’t people be honest?”

Sunayana’s family members are clueless and have been trying to console her while doctors are ready with a schedule of more diagnostic tests. The visitor hour at the hospital had ended when Faking News team left the premises, but well wishers were texting and calling Sunayana on her cellphone till reports last came in.