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After not finding his pet dog at home, Boss takes employee for morning walk

08, Jan 2016 By sameer mahawar

Bengaluru: Muttu Swami, working as a Senior Manager in premier investment banking firm JP Murrugan, who daily goes for a morning walk along with his pug Tommy, today decided to do something different.

A faithful employee is a boss' best friend
A faithful employee is a boss’ best friend

Inspired by a recent incident where a cop took his pet dog for security checking as a replacement for his lost sniffer dog, Muttu Swami decided to take his employee for morning walk when he was unable to find his pet dog in early hours of the day.

Neighbors who witnessed the incident said that it was an odd spectacle as Muttu was seen holding onto the leash, at the other end of which was his employee.

“I was having my early morning tea and reading the newspaper when I peeped out of the window and saw Muttu taking his employee for a walk. Initially I thought I was seeing things and it must have been the hangover of yesterdays drinking session, but it was not so,” said Sukumar, who lives in the apartment adjacent to Muttu.

Not finding Tommy at home, Muttu decided not to waste precious time which he on most days utilized to check more unnecessary e-mails in the office.

Promptly he asked his employee Chaatu Kumar to report to him immediately so that he can carry at least someone like a faithful dog who would listen to his random and irrelevant advices and orders.

Being appraisals and ratings round the corner, Chaatu Kumar, the acting dog said, “It wasn’t a tough task for me to behave like a dog. ‘Yes sir’, ‘Ok sir’, ‘Ho jayega sir’ at office were replaced by a common ‘Bow Bow’ during the walk. I don’t mind obeying the impertinent orders of my boss as long as he gives me good ratings.”

On the issue being raised by Employee Welfare Association, HR of the company commented, “Mr. Muttu hasn’t done anything wrong. Virtual dog acted as pet dog, nothing else.”