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After spending 4 hours trying hundreds of expensive dresses at mall, girl finally buys two pink hair clips

28, Nov 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Hyderabad: A girl named Sonika Sutneja who is an arts student at a local University blew the daylights out of 7 salesmen at Inorbit mall yesterday when she and her friend Ayesha Khatun tried various expensive dresses for almost 4 hours along with matching bags, earrings and other accessories but ended up buying only 2 small hair clips.

Anybody feels sorry for the salesman?
Anybody feels sorry for the salesman?

The salesmen apparently did not take the gigantic waste of their time very well but could utter a single word in spirit of customer experience.

Salesman Animesh (name changed) spoke to us on conditions of anonymity and said, “They wasted 4 hours of our time. The tried tank tops, tube tops, skirts, scarfs, stoles, matching bags, purses, earrings what not? We thought they are some “fat party” and are going to spend thousands with us today. But know what? They finally said “Kuch pasand nahi aya?” and only bought two pink hair clips worth 22 rupees. We were like “what the hell”, but could not say anything.”

Another sales-women Salima also echoed same sentiments, “Hau re, kya hauli pottiyan thi re wo. We could have done lakhs of sales during those peak hours but they just kept 6-7 of us totally engaged. Bring me this bring me that, matching this matching that. Keep this on one side, keep that on one side. We were bearing their “nakhras” for full 4 hours and in return we expected atleast 20 to 30 thousand of shopping. But they just bought 2 hair clips? Main boli in loga ko ye bhi free me de daalo.

Veteran Psychologist and expert on women psychology Dr. Suresh Streemann provided more insights into this incident. He said, “Trying on various new clothes provides a sense of instant gratification to the primitive animal inside women. As soon as they enter a retail shop the primitive animal inside them awakens and they start collecting various disguises for this animal. When they look at themselves in the mirror, dressed up in various different clothes they are just living different lives in those moments. They imagine themselves in their own mind-palaces, their own hanging-castles. And when their desire of living these multiple lives is satisfied, they finally come out of the trial room with a sense of pseudo-achievement. The primitive animal inside them goes back to sleep and they become normal human beings again.”