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After 'warranty period' companies to now add a 'when to remove the plastic covering on the product' period

30, Oct 2015 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Mumbai: In a revolutionary move which could uplift the home decor of most homes all top home appliance and electronics makers are set to add a, ‘when is the right time to remove the plastic cover on the product’ period.

Don't know when to remove plastic cover? check the date
Don’t know when to remove plastic cover? check the date

Going along the lines of maintenance period which is essentially slapped on to ensure a smooth and seamless product functioning, this new period mainly focuses on preventing owners from making a fool out of themselves. Our industry expert Hamish Gadgetwala reports.

The period will vary according to the brand value of the product. Meaning if it’s your average Smartphone or appliance it will vary from 15 days to 2 months. But if it’s a cheap knockoff or an ‘abc keypad’ wala phone, the period would generally be: ‘before you exit the shop’ or ‘until you find the nearest trashcan’.

But in case of an iPhone it would be, ‘until they launch a new model’ then you can discard the handset itself as you are already crazy enough to buy one.

In case of car upholstery and seat covers it would be until everyone among your friends/family/neighbors/acquaintances has taken a ride or the relative/friend who farts too much won’t sit in your car again.

“I think it’s a good move to print the ‘expiry date’. Just got a new car and friends were telling me to get rid of the plastic seat covers. But then how would everyone know that I have got a car. Now with the expiry date printed, I don’t have to worry about when to remove the cover,” said Hardik Shah, a stock broker.

And also in case of the gifts one gives to your partner there would be: when you are fairly certain you won’t be required to return the gifts or if you do need to return them make sure you rip the plastic and labels off to totally deflate the buyback value.

Companies are now also coming up with liquid solutions to clean the equipment after the plastic is removed, so as to prevent the dust particles from being statically attached to it.