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All Agarwals, Agrawals, Agrawalas, Agarwalas and Aggarwals to do a joint meeting on 1st September to decide on one spelling

20, Aug 2017 By Akash Vadera

All of us have met an Agrawal at some point in our life. Also, all of us have met an Agarwal at some other point in our life. And also an Agarwala as well as an Aggarwal. The point here being there has been unrest amongst people towards people with the surname Agarwal and all 450 variants of it. This unrest and agitation finally has fructified into forcing all the Agarwal variants to hold a joint meeting on 1st September and decide on one spelling.

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This decision came after years of complaints by other people. The head of all Agarwal variants, Mr. Sandeep Agarwal, talked to us and here’s what he had to say “We Agarwal variants have always been targeted for our surnames and have been the centre of all agitation. Ever since I was in school, I and my friend, another Agarwal variant, were often confused with each other. Sometimes, teacher used to slap me when the other variant failed in exams. Sometimes, the other variant used to get slapped by girls when I used to call them and mention myself as Agarwal. In my engineering class, there were 5 Agarwal variants. The amount of confusion was so much, we dedicated one day of week to each Agarwal variant and each Agarwal variant used to come college only on that day.” He further added “But then 2 days ago, my bonus cheque went to my neighbor Agarwal variant. 3 days before that my wife mistakenly entered another variant’s house seeing the surname on door. This is when I realised this has got to stop. So I called Mr. Aggarwal and he finally called a meeting of all us Agarwal variants on 1st September and we are finally going to decide on one spelling for all the variants.”

This is when we realised that we were interviewing Mr. Sandeep Agarwal and not Mr. Sandeep Aggarwal, who is the actual head of the Agarwal Union, so we stopped the interview.