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Ahmedabad man finds image of liquor bottle on bottom of iron

30, Nov 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Ahmedabad. India is no stranger to religious images appearing on walls, goats, trees and all kinds of other things, but this could well be the first case of an image of liquor bottle appearing on anything. And the incident has taken place in the state of Gujarat where consumption of liquor is prohibited. Vijay Modi, a resident of Ahmedabad, has claimed that an image of Smirnoff vodka bottle appeared on the bottom of his electric iron this morning.

“I was ironing my clothes this morning and suddenly I felt a kick in my right hand. Initially I thought it was some electric shock and I switched off the iron, but the kicks continued and it actually felt good. Then I looked at the bottom of my iron and was awestruck to see this mystical dark silhouette in the shape of a bottle. I could immediately recognize that it was Smirnoff vodka and I felt so high. I think my life is going to be good now.” the 37-year-old father of two told Faking News.

This image of a vodka bottle on an iron has become an internet hit
This image of a vodka bottle on an iron has become an internet hit

Vijay immediately took a photograph of the image and uploaded it on his facebook wall, where his friends also confirmed that the image was indeed that of a Smirnoff vodka bottle.

“For the first time all of my friends, whether they were Hindus or Muslims or Sindhis or Rajputs or whatever they were, agreed on a common issue. It indeed was a vodka bottle.” Vijay said.

While the facebook photo is being shared widely and people have been thronging the house of Vijay to have a look at the image on the iron, a freaking debate has started around the freak incident. An organization called Total Teetotaler Gujju Guys (T2G2) has accused Vijay of being an agent of liquor companies trying to convert teetotaler Gujaratis into bevadas (tipplers or drunkards).

“It’s a conspiracy to spoil the culture of Gujarat.” T2G2 spokesperson Vedika Vaghela said while leading a protest in front of Vijay’s house where they broke an assortment of liquor bottles sourced from the nearest police station. T2G2 activists threatened to burn down the house of Vijay if he didn’t destroy the iron. “Liquor makes people senseless and violent and it increases the crime rate.” argued another T2G2 activist as he threw stones into Vijay’s house breaking his glass window pane into pieces.

But Vijay has found support among many locals who have started believing that the appearance of image on the bottom of the iron was the work of god and there was a hidden message for the people of Gujarat in particular.

“This proves that liquor exists in Gujarat, no matter how much you deny it. Now even God has confirmed it, and in fact sanctioned it. The signs are so clear – the image on the iron can be seen only when you put the bottom of the iron up. Is it hard to get? God wants us to go for bottoms-up! God wants us to enjoy alcohol!” said one of the Vijay’s supporters asking for an end to prohibition in the state.

Gujarat government has not commented on the incident as it may hurt people’s religious sentiments, but some people believe that Vijay was in an inebriated state this morning when he was ironing. And instead of ironing his clothes, he ironed the Smirnoff bottle that he had finished last night, causing that image to appear on it.