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Alien visiting the Earth starts speaking fluent English after drinking alcohol

02, Sep 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. An alien named Gapoli (fictitious name), who was visiting the Earth last night started speaking fluent English after drinking alcohol at a park in city’s Rajouri Garden area.

Gapoli, wearing a gown was roaming around in the park at midnight, where he met Rajinder, a local man, who was drinking alone sitting on a park bench.

Are they humans who migrated from the Earth at some point of time in history?

“When he came near me, I was so drunk that I didn’t mind him not looking like a human being. I offered him a bottle, and he gladly accepted it. Initially he was talking gibberish in some unknown language, but after having few pegs of whiskey he started talking to me in English,” revealed Rajinder, narrating the last night’s incident.

“Then we danced, we talked about bigger issues which our universe is facing, like democracy and lack of nude beaches, and whole lot of other things. Soon he started crying while constantly taking a name, which I don’t remember. I think that was his girlfriend’s name,” Rajinder further disclosed.

However, after getting too drunk, both of them started shouting out loud and were later on arrested by a police patrol team.

Shocked to see an alien speaking English, freaked out policemen immediately informed higher authorities who sent a team of scientists to take Gapoli in custody.

As of now, scientists are interrogating Gapoli to know more about the world from where he came from.

“To make him speak in English and not in his native language, we are making him drink alcohol on a regular interval. But the problem is, after getting drunk he is talking more of philosophical stuff, in which he is hardly revealing anything about his planet,” Dr. Himanshu Trivedi told Faking News explaining the difficulty his team was facing.

Bahut nautankibaaz hai,” he added.

But one thing that scientists have successfully deduced, is the finding that mental behavior of the alien was quite close to humans, rather, close to Indians.

“Just like many of us start speaking fluent English after getting drunk, Gapoli is proving to be no different,” reasoned Dr. Trivedi, “And it may be possible that he is an alien of Indian origin.”

Meanwhile, inspired by the incident, Rakesh Roshan has decided to make sequel of Koi Mil Gaya with name Koi Hil Gaya, in which Hrithik Roshan will be playing role of Rajinder, while leading Indian newspapers have decided to publish a news titled “Indian origin man found on alien planet”.