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Amidst rising crime, Delhi set to hide women in “safe winter wears”

14, Dec 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. With women being randomly abducted, raped, and slashed with blades in the national capital, the state government has decided to curb crimes against women by making it difficult for the criminals to spot women in public places. Government has released a set of winter wears that have been termed “unisex” and “safe”, and have asked all the residents, irrespective of their gender, to wear the same.

“Public has to cooperate with us in fighting this menace,” Delhi CM Sheila Dixit said while releasing the specially designed “safe” winter wears, “These clothes are warm and colorful too; even the younger generation would love them.”

Safe Winter Wear
The new safe winter wear that all Delhi residents are expected to wear till the government thinks of a better way to fight crime

The safe clothing set is made of thick woolen fabric and covers every part of the body from the head to toe, with a narrow opening at the eyes to let the wearer see the outside world.

It’s been termed “safe” because it cleverly conceals the body contours in a manner that it becomes very difficult for a person to guess the gender of the wearer by looking at the outer shape.

Sources suggest that the designer of this winter wear had took inspirations from Airtel’s new logo and Mukesh Ambani’s new house in Mumbai to come up with a shape that would beat all logic.

“Also, it’s so thick that a blade or any other sharp object can’t penetrate it and injure the wearer; the best a woman or a man can get,” Rohit Gal, the designer added.

Rohit further informed that he had taken utmost care while designing the cloth so that it doesn’t resemble a burqa, as it could put off men from wearing it as well as give BJP another issue to attack the state government.

Care was also taken to make sure that the clothing set doesn’t appear as a glorified monkey-cap, which could have revived the specter of Monkey-man among the Delhi residents.

“The only risk is a criminal identifying a woman by the handbag a wearer could be carrying,” Rohit Gal said, “But that’s not a big challenge, all men in Delhi should start using ladies handbag so that criminals are confused; it’s not difficult, see, I personally prefer using them.”

Towards the end of the clothing set launch event, Delhi CM Sheila Dixit wore the new safe winter wear even as some men in the crowd shouted “Sheila Ki Jawaani”.

Mrs. Dixit reassured that Delhi was safe for women.