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As a tribute to Mangalyaan, Indian lyricist decides to write more about Red Planet and less about Moon

06, Feb 2015 By RT

New Delhi. In a tribute to Mangalyaan, an Indian lyricist has decided to write more about the Red Planet and leave the Moon alone for the next decade.

In a rare interview, the lyricist talked in length about his displeasure on writing about the Moon in his movie songs. “I do not know why Indians like to take metaphor of the Moon to that of a woman. It is round in shape, you know. And, most of the days, it displays a progressive darker side. Now tell me! Do you want your woman to be round in shape and have a darker side?” the lyricist was almost fuming, ridiculing his own songs over the past 20 years.

Too mainstream?
Too mainstream?

“I get irritated like hell, when a new director would describe a song situation and ask me to bring the Moon into Pallavi, Anupallavi and Charanam. What’s with Moon and men? I agree that Moon has found its way in English songs’ titles and lyrics too. But, not as maniacally as the natural satellite had been abused by the Indian lyricists, over the past few decades. That reminds me! Now tell me again! Do you want your woman to be a lunatic?” the lyricist took a shot again at the puffing interviewer.

“Precisely this is what happens, if you are on the Moon. You will be puffing, panting and gasping for every bit of breath. Of course, you want your woman to make you feel breathless. But a lunatic woman will literally make you breathless and you can almost count the seconds you can be alive, with such a woman around you,” the lyricist warned the interviewer.

When finally the interviewer was successful to bring about the Red Planet into the discussion, the lyricist calmed down a little, “Yes. I am going to write about the Mars in the upcoming songs. Nothing special about Mars too, just that it will be a tribute to the Mangalyaan team. Who knows? I may even win a national award for such effort, what with nation’s sudden interest towards the Mars and all,” the lyricist summarized as the interviewer left in a huff, wondering from which planet this entity is actually from.

Meanwhile, NASA has welcomed the decision, as this will give them motivation to land men on the Mars.

“See! When Indian lyricists started describing woman metaphorically as Moon, our scientists decided to conquer Moon. (contrary to the common belief that NASA wanted to conquer moon to beat Russians in rocket science) Now that Mars is the new modern woman, we want to conquer Mars too,” a press release from NASA stated.