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As Mangalyaan achieves success in its first attempt, pressure builds on it to settle and get married

24, Sep 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. As soon as Mangalyaan started orbiting Mars this morning after covering a distance of 670 million kilometers, thus achieving an envious professional milestone, pressure has started building on it to “settle down” by getting married.

Parents from different parts of the country, when asked for their reactions on Mangalyaan’s achievement, expressed their happiness, but quickly added that the Mars Orbiter should now focus on personal life.

Time to enter next phase of life.

“Covering 670 million kms is not less than completing engineering, and our Mangalyan finished it on time. That means without any year back,” Suresh Sharma, a concerned father of two told Faking News.

“I think it should either go for higher studies, or if it is happy with its current job, then it should marry,” Mr. Sharma said.

“You see, going for a higher studies could be good for Mangalyan’s career. As of now it’s just an orbiter, but after doing some PG course it may become a rover,” Mr. Sharma explained benefits of higher studies.

“But I think he shouldn’t take much professional tension, and get married now,” he added.

Anuradha Aunty, wife of Mr. Sharma, even suggested names of some possible life partners for Mangalyaan.

“NASA’s MAVEN is doing the same work what Mangalyaan is doing and is also from a respectable family. They will make a good couple. But if Mangalyaan goes for higher studies and become Mars Rover, then, I think we can target NASA’s Curiosity Rover,” said Sharma Aunty, showcasing her expertise in the matter.

Sharma Aunty predicted that if Mangalyaan and Curiosity Rover somehow fell in love with each other and got married, then it was quite possible that Mangalyaan could relocate to Mars surface without being a Mars Rover.

“All I want that Mangalyaan get married as soon as possible. Kab tak akele akele Mars ke chaaro or ghoomte rahega,” a visibly concerned Sharma Aunty concluded.

Not just parents, Mangalyaan is attracting interests of priests too as he appears to have settled professionally. Janardhan Chaturvedi, a celebrity priest who hosts a separate show of his on a news channel expressed his concerns about Mangalyaan being maanglik.

“There are many eligible satellites revolving around the Earth. But as they are not maanglik, we should avoid them and better look for Mars centred satellites,” Janardhan Chaturvedi suggested ISRO.

Meanwhile, a letter has been written by Hidustan Vivah Manch to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, urging him to discuss the prospects of wedding of Mangalyaan and MAVEN during his upcoming US visit.

“It is time for India and America to turn their dosti into rishtedaari,” commented head of Hidustan Vivah Manch.