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As part of road transport and safety bill, additional bushes to be created for traffic policemen to hide behind

28, Jul 2015 By dasu

New Delhi: As per Minister for Road Transport and Highways Mr. Nitin Gadkari, the proposed road transport and safety bill will provide additional safety measures for commuters as well as traffic police.

Mr. Gadkari, while speaking to our reporter said, “We have started working on mechanism to find out spots which cause major accidents. If there is a need, we will not shy away from marking every road and every street corner as accident prone zone. In addition, we will increase the font size used for hoardings that reads, Accident Prone Zone, Go Slow.

Nitin Gadkari taking the first step towards creating hiding places for traffic policemen.
Nitin Gadkari taking the first step towards creating hiding places for traffic policemen.

“We will also try to replicate the model Bangalore follows, for other cities. Adequate measures will be taken to create more and more traffic jams which will slow down the traffic and ensure that there are no accidents. We have plans to add more and more speed breakers so that people will be afraid of taking their vehicle out. I know some social media activists will put a selfie with comment that reads ‘today I drove on speed breakers, not roads. I am not scared of such criticism, for me safety of people comes first,” he affirmed.

Mr. Gadkari further added, “In the past, my ministry officials have focused on safety measures of commuters to some extent whereas somehow we have completely ignored the safety measures of our traffic policemen. Now it is time for us to set it right.”

“The complaints I get from traffic policemen is about the alarming rate of reduction of blind corners, lack of sufficient bushes and trees on our roads for them to hide behind. If you notice, on our roads when traffic police are standing by, people drive safely. Everyone behaves like Amol Palekar and if they come to know there would be no traffic police on some roads or during some hours like it happens late night or early mornings, they drive like Salman Khan. That’s why the fear of the traffic policemen hiding behind a bush is necessary. This is the same reason Aam Aadmi Party proposed Lokpal. Once the fear of Lokpal is there in the minds of people, corruption will automatically go away,” he said.

“My ministry has done some studies and we found out that the bushes and trees which help our policeman are not being maintained properly. After road transport and safety bill passes through parliament, we will allocate additional funds for creation of new bushes as well as for their maintenance,” Mr. Gadkari told us.

In the meantime Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has said that his party will oppose the bill in its present form. He told our reporter, “This suit boot ki sarkar does not want safety of its ordinary citizens. The traffic policemen hiding behind will not have courage to jump in front of high end SUVs or cars. Instead they will catch our poor farmers who use two-wheelers. We will disrupt the parliament and not let the bill pass.”