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Asaram Bapu fans ask him to act in a Bollywood movie to get bail

08, May 2015 By indianpsycho

Jodhpur. Frustrated with hashtags like #निर्दोष_बापूजीको_न्याय_मिले  and #BailforSalmanbutnotforSaintBapu having no impact on the judiciary for over a year now, Asaram Bapu fans have appealed to the self styled godman to act in Hindi films.

Eyeing the backing of film fraternity and Bollywood fans, Asaram Bapu has decided to accept this plea of his followers and would soon begin his career in films.

“We realized that whatsapp messages we were circulating about how he is being targeted, also the tweets in this regard, were not reaching the right people,” Bapu’s close aide told Faking News.


“And when Salman got bail in just 2-3 hours, we were sure, acting is the only route left for Bapu to get the dignity he deserves,” he further added, justifying the development.

“We have seen how old aged heroes are the flavor of Bollywood fans. Bapu at 71 is way older than all the Khans, Kumars etc. We are sure fans will throng theaters in huge numbers to see him bashing up goons, romancing a 17 year old actress, being a college stud, etc on silver screen,” he continued.

Followers of Bapu argue it would not be too much of a task for Bapu to succeed in films.

“He is already a god, so we would just give him some Greek make up so that he has Greek god looks, one important factor to be a successful star in Bollywood,” a 34 year old unemployed Bapu fan, said.

“Also Bapu has already shown his romantic side to everybody,” he further added, before quickly retracting the statement.

“I mean he has everything you need to become a superstar in Hindi films,” he concluded

Asaram Bapu has now started working on bulking his body and would start shooting of his first film.

If sources are to be believed, one of the ardent followers of Bapu, who is also a budding filmmaker has decided to commit few crimes in Jodhpur to land up in the jail with Asaram and would be directing the film.