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Astrologers hail Randiv for denying 13th century to Sehwag

17, Aug 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. While the rest of India went red in rage as Sri Lankan spinner Suraj Randiv deliberately bowled a no-ball and denied Indian batsman Virender Sehwag a well deserved century yesterday, Indian astrologers today welcomed the step, rather over-stepping by the bowler, as a much needed divine reprieve for Sehwag, who would otherwise have got into a sinister trap of number 13.

It should be noted that if Randiv had not bowled a no-ball, Sehwag could have completed his century number 13 in one-day international cricket matches.

“Sehwag’s kundli clearly shows that he has a permanent threat from number thirteen.” Daanti Maharaj of India TV said, citing the clinching proof that Sehwag had lost a tooth while playing cricket as he approached his thirteenth year in 1990.

Virender Sehwag
Sehwag should be celebrating his missed century, astrologers say

Daanti Maharaj also pointed out that recently Tiger Woods had got stuck at 13th hole while playing golf, and argued that the number 13 was not good for sportspersons in general and Sehwag faced this danger all along.

“Now rahu and ketu drishti (vision) is not on official scorecard as they don’t follow modern rules of cricket, they might well count this as century no. 13 as they are good with ganana (counting) even though ICC says it’s not. This will make the grahas confused and their strategy against Sehwag will fail now.” said Daanti Maharaj, showing the brighter side of the unfortunate incident for the Indians.

Daanti Maharaj was joined by many other astrologers from other television channels too, who supported his assertion and hailed the cosmic confusion over century no. 13.

“There are many shopping centers that don’t have a shop no. 13 to escape the wrath of ill-luck. Sehwag has been lucky as he too won’t have a century no. 13 as a result of this no-ball.” said another astrologer, who doubles as a property agent outside the television studios.

The declaration by astrologers giving clean chit to Randiv came after the bowler apologized to Sehwag for having bowled that no-ball. Earlier he had tried to blame too much of cricket between India and Sri Lanka for his act, but now rued not having consulted the astrologers before apologizing.

“I feel like an ass now.” said Suraj Randiv, drawing nods from Virender Sehwag.