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At his eighteenth birthday, boy suddenly knows everything that he never knew all his life

21, Dec 2015 By manithan

New Delhi: A boy from the city here, who turned eighteen today, has revealed to us that he has got sudden knowledge and other such abilities out of nowhere.

The sudden realization that hits you when you turn 18
The sudden realization that hits you when you turn 18

We visited Naresh outside his single-storey home. With a book of Engineering Design in his hand, he looked suddenly matured.

“Even my dad told me these same words. That I look matured in a single day. It all looks like a dream – what I had been till yesterday. I feel like I slept yesterday night as an ignorant and timid teenager and today, when I woke up, I felt like I knew everything in this world,” he said.

“Till yesterday, I could not get to throttle my bike to the next block, but today, I could do a 90 kmph on highways and still didn’t get caught. Till yesterday, the same dad who would not give me 5 rupees to do things on my own, gave me thousand rupees today and told me to do whatever I want. I was dumbstruck,” said Naresh with his mouth gaping and eyes staring at some distant object pulling him into some distant dream then and there.

“I can exercise my only duty of pressing that button in vote machine then and there. I’m feeling excited to be getting cheated all over my life,” quipped Naresh.

Naresh bent closer to us and said in a lighter tone, “Till yesterday, I did not even know what to do with my d*ck. But now, I know where and how to use it. I really could not comprehend how I got such ideas and from where, but this sounds exciting,” Naresh giggled without finishing his sentence.

“There is this girl called Neha who I think of marrying. She is a month older than me, you know. Yesterday, if I had married her, it would be invalid, because I would then be lacking the maturity to make a big decision in my life, because I was a minor you see. But, the next day, that is today, I can take that big decision of marrying her, if I want. If only everybody could get mental maturity in a single day,” Naresh again went into his distant dream.

“Today, when I woke up, I just felt like I know everything that I had never known all my life until now. But I should be careful not to involve myself in illegal stuffs from now on. Till yesterday, I had the luxury of being called a juvenile and can do any crime I want, yet get released when I turn 18. But from today, I have to face the jail for minimum 10 years or so, if I do any crime,” bemoaned Naresh, before he left to taste his first beer and watch an adult movie for the first time.