To attract elder people, multiplex offers free passbook printing with each movie ticket

16, Sep 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. There are few things that older people in India are obsessed with in India. One is to find fault in whatever a younger person does, and others were going to the bank for passbook printing. The major hobby pursued by the older people in India is to go for passbook printing, standing in a long queue, and returning home in the evening.

A long queue of cine goers at INOX Multiplex during the 37th International Film Festival (IFFI-2006) in Panaji, Goa on November 24, 2006.

Some old people are so habituated of going for the passbook print that they go to banks after every small transaction. They feel that if the transaction is not printed in the passbook then the transaction won’t be valid after a couple of days. Multiplexes want to use this habit to promote their movie ticket sales. With every multiplex ticket, Elder people will get passbook printing facility free at the counter.

The passbooks of all banks can be printed at the multiplex counter. The customer just has to show the movie tickets and there it is, their passbook will be printed in seconds and handed over to them at their seat. After hearing about the scheme, there was rush seen inside major multiplexes as so many older people rushed to book their tickets.

If everything goes well, Cafe outlets and Malls will also start offering the service. Banks have to come up with new ideas now to attract elderly customers.