Auto-rickshaw driver working from home says ‘No’ when family asks him to go out to bring groceries

13, Apr 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Auto-rickshaw drivers have a habit of saying No to each and everything. Mumbaikars have experienced it and it happens in almost every city. Recently an auto-rickshaw driver in Mumbai refused his family when they asked him to go out and buy groceries for the family.


This happened due to the sheer habit that Shwetank had developed. Shwetank has been driving auto-rickshaw for the last 5 years in Mumbai and never had he said yes in the first instance. He was always arrogant to his customers and only agreed to go to a destination after lots of convincing and arguing. This is why his family was shocked when he refused to go out for groceries. He said that ‘Wahan se phir khali aana padega, koi passenger nahi milega’, the tried and tested excuse that auto drivers in Mumbai give.

But his family somehow convinced him to go out for groceries as they would die of hunger if not fed well. The government has issued a circular for the auto drivers to not say no to anything that their family asks them to do. The government will give them ample opportunities to say no when the lockdown easies out and life comes back to normal.