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Baba Bangali launches Valentine's Day special ring to make your crush love you in 90 mints

14, Feb 2014 By idiot420

Noida. Baba Bangali (Noida Wale) has launched a Valentine’s Day special ring, which empowers its wearer to attract his/her crush within 90 minutes. Baba created this miraculous product in wake of growing frustration among singles on this Valentine’s day.

“My new innovation will ease the huge peer pressure mounted on modern youth to get a girlfriend. It’s a ray of hope for all those singles who are ready to mingle, but are still single,” said Baba Bangali boasting of his creation.

Connecting people
Connecting people

Unlike other blessed rings in market, which take weeks, and sometimes years, to produce some result, Babba Bangali’s ring is superfast in producing results and creating impacts.

“All you need to do is to wear the ring and stay within a radius of 200 meters around your crush. In 90 minutes, he/she will be in your arms,” Baba explained the miraculous technology.

Baba’s ring has come as a relief for millions of engineers singles across the country, who had been feeling outcast in the ongoing Valentine week.

Pahle main pure hafte rota tha, phir maine baba ke baare mein suna, ab main bas muskura raha hoon,” claimed Vikas Akela, standing in a queue outside Baba Bangali’s ashram in Noida.

While the faithfuls are confident of getting a new life, skeptics are not so sure. Some of them are planning to buy 10 rings, one for each finger.

“I have never talked to a girl in my whole life and my crush is very beautiful. I don’t think one ring is going to work,” Boka Chaturvedi, one of the skeptics told Faking News.

Many guys were spotted sporting the ring inside shopping malls, in parks, and other public places. Some even claimed that the ring was working for real.

“Initially when she came to the balcony, she was wearing a blue dress, then she went inside her room and came back wearing a red dress,” said Balwindar Singh, who was keeping an eye on his crush, “Still 45 minutes are left, I think it’s working to some extent and she is changing dresses to signal that times have changed.”

Later, one of Balwindar’s friends informed that, at 78th minute, that girl’s boyfriend came and she left with him.