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Baba Ramdev rebrands Patanjali products; replaces regressive term ‘Ayurvedic’ with catchy ‘Organic’

21, Nov 2015 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Haridwar: In a tactical shift of business strategy, Baba Ramdev has decided to re-brand Patanjali Yogpeeth products from regressive sounding ‘Ayurvedic’ to relatively ‘Kool and Hep’ sounding ‘Organic’ products.

Baba Ramdev is optimistic about the rebranding
Baba Ramdev is optimistic about the rebranding

According to the sources it is being done to ensure that Patanjali products are well received among the liberal and progressive people for whom anything having its roots in ancient India is regressive.

“By calling our products Organic, we can enter in FMCG space that was reserved for foreign brands till date,” explained Baba Ramdev while eating his newly launched Atta Noodles.

“Before launching our Atta Noodles we did a market survey in Delhi’s Lutyen area. It revealed that anything that was discovered, developed and nurtured in ancient India is perceived as substandard in today’s India. On the other hand the things coming from west are perceived as modern and progressive. So we decided to rebrand the products in a way that it sounds Kewl and Catchy to the Gen-Next,” Baba Ramdev explained further.

“It was decided that we should get rid of the term ‘Ayurvedic’ if we have to penetrate in the market dominated by foreign MNCs. Imagine if rather than saying ‘Ayurvedic Noodle from Patanjali Yogpeeth’ we call it ‘Healthy Noodles from Pattinson Organic farms’ it completely changes the way consumer looks at our product. We can even hike the product price as nobody minds paying a little extra for ‘Organic’ food these days. You just add a tagline, ‘Coming right from the Organic farms’ and people happily pay Rs 60-80/liter for milk which they otherwise buy for Rs 40-45/liter,” he added.

Another recommendation coming out of survey was to remove Baba Ramdev’s scary and hairy face from product packaging.

Kids often get scared when they see the pic of a Kailash Kher look-alike man smiling at them from the carton box. Market survey revealed that putting an image of ‘half-clad’ model on the product packaging can make sales rise more than the rate at which intolerance is rising in the country.

When Shaitaan Khopdi™ filed the report, efforts were on to explain Baba Ramdev that his own ‘half-clad’ pics while doing Yoga will not have the same effect as a female model doing aerobics on a beach with ‘Shampoo’ bottle in her hand will.