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Bachelor group forgets to pay rent on first day of the month, house owner compares them with Vijay Mallya

19, Mar 2016 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi: In what is being considered as a direct impact of watching Times Now, the owner of a three storey house Mr. Vasooliwal has reportedly compared the bachelor guys renting his pent house with Mallya, just because they forgot to pay the rent on first day of the month.

Owner comparing bachelors with Mallya
Owner comparing bachelors with Mallya

Babloo, Dabloo and Tikloo (names as told by them) are 24 year olds who passed out of college last year and landed a job after eight months of struggle. In order to avoid the traffic woes, they decided to stay near their office in a three storey building owned by a local businessman.

The terms and conditions were discussed with the owner and as part of this, the bachelor group were required to pay the rent by first of every month.

“We got our first salary on the last day of the month and spent the whole night inside Chandni Bar. Though we had kept the pooled rent amount aside, we only realized it on 3rd that we forgot to pay the rent. The old man should have compared us with Ghajini or the over staying Lutyen’s elite as we might be forgetful or rent defaulters but we’re definitely not wilful loan defaulters like Mallya”, a dejected Babloo said to our reporter who was surprised to see Kingfisher beer bottles lying in the corner of their pent house.

Dabloo recalled the owner’s words as he said, “The old man was outraged. He said ‘Mallya UK bhag gaya magar tum kahan jaoge? Tumhe tho bus stand mein hi pakad lunga main!’ before we rushed back in to get the rent amount.”

As per our sources, comparing bachelors with Mallya is just another depiction of deep rooted, perpetual stereotyping and cliche mongering in our society.

While Babloo, Dabloo and Tikloo have threatened to call media and expose their owner, the poor old man has apologized and retracted the words he used to compare them with Mallya, as it was more convenient than facing Arnab on primetime.