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Bajrang Dal announces incentives for members who thrash maximum couples on Valentine’s Day

12, Feb 2018 By itsmihir1993

Bajrang Dal, an organisation which realises its political aspirations only by thrashing couples on Valentine’s Day, has swung into action once again leading into the Valentine’s Week. With an increasing number of Indian couples celebrating Valentine’s Day, envying leaders of the organisation have announced incentives for those members who thrash the maximum number of couples.1392384059374929200

The announcement has encouraged members to turn violent on the day of love. The members, who have never been loved by anyone, have reportedly sent shivers down the spine of those planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day even inside their house. A member, who plans to barge into houses and beat couples, said, “Incentive isn’t the only reason why I hit couples. Look at me; I’ve been single all my life and if this isn’t frustrating enough for me to beat committed people out of jealousy, tell me, what is?”

Many members resorted to fraud just to get lucrative incentives. We spotted a Bajrang Dal member forcefully marrying off a boy and girl who were complete strangers to each other. Explaining his move, he said, “I’ll first get them married and when they finally come to terms with each other, I’ll thrash them for strolling together in public places. This is the sixth wedding that I have forced this season.” He further added that he is looking forward to a successful career as a matrimonial agent to overcome his otherwise joblessness during the remaining 364 days of the year.

In the ant-race to get more incentives, Bajrang Dal members have crossed unimaginable limits. Shyam Kumar, who is believed to be a strong contender in the frustrated organisation, ended up beating himself and his sister while they had gone out on a family outing.

Kumar has showed signs of being the organisation leader in future by doing so, said the current Bajrang Dal chief.