Bajrang Dal member going to beat couples on Kiss day gets beaten in crowded local after his lips touch fellow passengers

13, Feb 2020 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai.  Bajrang Dal members are seen in full-fledged avatar during this Valentine’s week and they have a big task at their hands to stop couples from celebrating the western festival. But one Bajrang dal member had to suffer a lot due to his enthusiasm of reaching his work destination in a crowded Mumbai local. He was going towards South Mumbai where Valentine’s week is being celebrated in full swing. And what transpired during the journey was pretty sad.


Shwetank Jain, a hardcore Bajrang Dal member who never watches romantic movies and thrashes couples who are seen together, took a local train to reach South Mumbai. Actually, he had got news from his secret sources that there are many couples kissing each other on Marine Drive. He had taken a hockey stick also with him. But the rush inside the train was unbearable.

Everyone was touching everyone, not due to desire or passion, but due to the severe space constraint. Suddenly when the train speed reduced as a station was approaching, Shwetank’s lips touched the cheeks of a fellow passenger. The beating which Shwetank got was immense, something seen in Bollywood movies where villains are beaten up brutally. Currently, he is being treated in a government hospital in Goregaon.

Shwetank has promised his team of Bajrang Dal members that he will compensate for the loss this year in the coming year’s Kiss day where he will thrash double the number of people he was targeting this fiscal year.