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Bangalore citizens fail to locate the Bangalore that won the cleanest capital tag

11, Aug 2015 By MRP

Bangalore : A group of eminent citizens of Bangalore set out today morning in search of what has been declared as the cleanest capital of India, also called Bangalore. This is in wake of a survey whose result was declared yesterday by the central government. This group was followed by a large team of enthusiastic people from all walks of life, all in search of the clean Bangalore.

Bangalore citizens negotiating their way to find 'Clean Bangalore'
Bangalore citizens negotiating their way to find ‘Clean Bangalore’

Looking at the newspapers this morning, Bangalorean’s were surprised that their city, with which they have a love-hate relationship, has been heralded as the cleanest capital of India.

Most people felt it was a cartoon item; some thought it was a humor piece for the weekend or a prank played by the newspapers. Hopeful however, they decided to go and find out for themselves.

Those who drove, had to manage their way through garbage ridden one way streets that had more vehicles plying on the wrong side and some of them had to brush against the cattle that blocked the roads.

Walkers had to step on the filth or jump over them, covering their nose all the time. Some of the more eager ones who ran to join the group almost drowned in the potholes which were filled up by the rain of two days ago.

Senior citizens were seen guiding the younger ones who searched every nook and corner to find a clean spot. When they reported back that there was no such place as clean Bangalore, the group realized that they had been taken for a ride.

One of them cried out, “We have been fooled. It is like playing April fool’s trick in August. Looks like the news item is a re-run by mistake, of an article of fifty years ago, when I was not even born.”

However, the senior citizens, who had seen clean streets sometime in their lives, were determined in their quest. “This city was clean when we were young and very habitable. I don’t know which city the government is now talking about. They call that city too as Bangalore. We are confused. If however there is another Bangalore that is clean, we will move there lock, stock and barrel. We want the government to show us where it is.”