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Bangalore office goer ready to return something in the auto so that the auto driver can’t complain ‘wapas khali aana hai’

19, Dec 2015 By dasu

Bangalore: Techie Prem Chandhar loves to use auto service in Bangalore. He said, “In a city like Bangalore where traffic is the buzz word, by using auto service I get good amount of time for myself. Being a regular commuter, autowalas do not take the chance of changing the route when I am sitting behind. They also command lot of respect because no one comes near them and they clock the best time in these traffic filled roads. Other advantage I have like while in auto, I can post whatever I want in to different WhatsApp groups, FB, pass comment on any message as I want. Basically it allows me to remain social, otherwise sometime back when I was using my own bike, I did not get time to respond back to say thanks to my DP comments.”

Wapas Khali Aana Hai
Wapas Khali Aana Hai

Prem added, “That was the time when I was delayed by few minutes to respond to my girlfriend’s message, she tagged me anti-social and sent a message telling ‘By name you are Prem Chandher, but by nature you are like Prem Chopra’. Then I decided I cannot leave this kind of monotonous life. Struggle through traffic jam and by the time you reach office, your manager would be waiting for me to dump all sorts of software bugs against your name. Sold my bike in Quickr and now I am availing auto service from that money.”

“Over a period of time autowalas have improved. They do not cause that much problem as they used to be earlier. Now a days they do not insist every techie has to go to MG road. City has expanded and they are ready to go if commutation distance is good enough for their meters to do its trick.  Only issue is every time they will say “Wapas Khali Aana Hai (They have to return empty handed). I am okay if they ask 20 rupees extra on top of their meter ‘reading’, but till now I never understood why they think they have to come back to their roots. I am staying in Marathahalli area, by no logic it’s a great place for anyone to stand every day with the kind of pollution and noise around.”

Prem said, “I proposed that I will send something back if that is what is the need of the hour. Most of the autowalas would laugh at my innocence and said ‘Sir, we cannot go to other territories. We stick to our domains. Look what happened to Arvind Kejriwal when he wanted to go out of his core area in Delhi. Always stay where you are rooted, do not be adventurous’.”

Now a days Prem Chandhar does not get annoyed when autowalas say Wapas Khali Aana Hai. It is just other way of saying ‘give us some more as we demand on top of our meter reading and do not ask for return change’.