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Bangalore techie shops online while stuck in traffic, receives his order before reaching home

05, Oct 2015 By Gaurav Mittal

Bangalore: Traffic in the city has added another feather to its cap. It is now giving enough time to e-commerce companies to allow their customers to shop and receive their orders while they are still stuck in traffic.

Now get your online order delivered while you are still stuck in traffic.
Now get your online order delivered while you are still stuck in traffic.

In a an interesting event, Ravi, a Bangalore based techie ordered a wrist watch online from while he was stuck in traffic at silkboard signal. To his surprise the wrist watch was delivered while he was still in bus and was about to reach Marathahalli.

Ravi works in electronics city and stays in Marathahalli (the first IT slum of the world). He belongs to Lucknow in UP but moved to Bangalore two years back after getting a job here. He commutes daily using BMTC volvo bus. Habitual of spending almost half a day in bus, he usually remains busy with his smartphone while commuting.  

Today the traffic was more severe and Ravi was exhausted with checking updates on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, so he thought of shopping online.

To manage his time more efficiently he ended up ordering a wrist watch for himself from When the bus was about to reach Marathahalli he got a phone call from the delivery boy who asked for Ravi’s current location and the parcel was delivered to Ravi while the Bus was stuck at Marathahalli signal.

Ravi who spends 25% of his life on Bangalore roads was quite pleased and said, “At times I spend less time in office than the time I spend in commute. But that is the price one has to pay to live in Silicon  Valley of India. Now that I can shop online and get ordered stuff while I am stuck in traffic, I can utilize my time more productively.”’s CEO, Amit who himself spends 6-8 hours in Bangalore traffic said, “I know the pain the citizens of this city go through. We are only trying to bring smile on faces of tired people of Bangalore.”

Karnataka transport minister expressed his happiness on the incident and said, “Such events are true signs of development. You won’t find such thing happening even in Silicon Valley in US. Soon we will train our traffic cops to collect utility bills from people stuck in traffic.”