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Bangalore traffic jam blames Infosys, TCS for not hiring enough for its lack of growth

04, Jun 2016 By dasu

Bengaluru: IT engineer Manish Bhalla who used to work in Bangalore ten years back recently visited the city to experience the traffic jams. Manish was disappointed with what he saw about the traffic situation in Bangalore.

IT companies to be blamed for lack of growth of Bangalore traffic
Where’s the growth? of Bengaluru traffic

While speaking to Faking News, Manish told, “In 2004, I used to take two hours while commuting to my office. Now after twelve years I am taking just an hour more while going to same office. I asked my Bangalore based friends who used to boast a lot about traffic jams here, where is the growth guys? If you all consider this as growth, come to NCR, you will experience the spectacular growth the city has seen in last few years. In last four years my office commutation time has gone up from one hour to four hours. I am not complaining about it. For me these four hours are hassle free sleeping time in office cabs where neither your boss at office or home can assign you any work.”

“My friends who often took pride did not leave me easily. They forced me to stay back till schools re-opened. They took me from Whitefield to BTM layout repeatedly to give me the experience about the two shining jewels among Bangalore jams, the Kundalahalli gate and Silk Board jams. However hard they tried, at the end of my long trip, I was not at all impressed,” said Mr. Bhalla.

Mr. Bhalla added, “I feel due to lack of proper planning, the jams in the city did not have good growth. Will put the blame on the big three of Indian IT industry, Infosys, TCS & Wipro. They have not recruited enough to create the kind of jams that whole world expected from Bangalore.”

Mr. Bhalla shared his views what the city needs to do to remain ahead of the competition especially the metros in India who are fast catching up.

He said, “I have told my friends who work in these big companies, instead of trying to convince me, they should convince their top management to hire as many as possible from colleges. BDA, BMRCL all needs to pitch in. They should delay the entire flyover, underpass constructions; delay the metro project by another decade or so. If they do not take these steps immediately, Bangalore will lose the number one spot for which it has been taking lot of pride till now.”