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Banks to give 'Rose loans' considering the sky high prices of roses during Valentines Day

14, Feb 2018 By Guest Patrakar

Is buying roses giving you blood pressure problems? Are you also thinking of breaking up with your partner just because you can’t afford roses for V-Day? Well, don’t worry because the RBI has asked private and government banks to provide ‘Rose loans’ which will make your rose shopping easier than before.


RBI was getting a lot of requests from across the country to reduce the cost of roses or at least fix the price of rose bouquets. But instead of fixing these issues, the RBI introduced easy loans in all banks for buying roses.

We talked to Anjum Khanna of RBI and asked her the reason behind this. Anjum said, “It is the duty of every government to meet the requests of its citizens. A single rose costs anywhere between 50 rupees and 5000 rupees on V-Day. People were getting depressed as they couldn’t buy roses for their loved ones. That’s when we decided to intervene. We cannot lower the prices of roses as this is the only time when flower shops earn money. So instead of fixing the price, we decided to introduce rose loans which will make everyone happy. Now, rose owners can sell flowers at their own price and people can buy them with the help of these loans and repay later.”

We talked to Manish who has been buying roses for many valentines and asked him how these rose loans will help him. Manish said, “I used to fight with my girlfriend on Valentine’s day to make sure I didn’t have to buy her roses. Buying roses was so expensive that buying her an Audi seemed a more affordable option. But thanks to RBI for introducing Rose loans. Now I don’t have to sell my PS 4 to buy her bouquet this year.”

It is also said that the RBI will now introduce Chocolate loans and Teddy loans for both Chocolates Day and Teddy Day. Thank god condoms are cheap even this year.

It’s sad that love is measured by the depth of your pocket these days. The more you spend the more it means that you care. But that’s how love is in today’s cruel world. Thanks to the Government that they are always on the call whenever someone needs help.