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Barber adjusts customer's head too many times, hurts his ego making him leave in the middle of haircut

19, Dec 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Hyderabad: A disgruntled customer has reportedly left the saloon in the middle of his haircut after the barber cutting his hair adjusted his head too many times leaving him red faced.

Too many head turns can hurt ego
Too many head turns can hurt ego

Mahesh works in an IT company in the city of pearls and is very good at appearance management. He never visits a saloon that charges less than 300 rupees as he believes the equipment used by such shops is of low quality and can potentially decrease his glamour.

He displays an uncanny ability of explaining his hairstyle requirement in more than 10 sentences, exactly opposite to what general people at local barber shops say: “Zara chota kardo“.

The incident happened at a posh saloon located in one of the most happening places in Hyderabad. Mahesh entered the saloon, explained his requirement in 12 sentences as usual and continued to relax after handing over his spectacles to the hair dresser.

Suresh, the hair dresser, was new to his job trying to make sure no customer leaves unsatisfied with his hairstyle. He started adjusting Mahesh’s head to begin with, a process followed by all hair dressers. Within a minute or so, he twisted his head to nearly 120 degrees which earned him an angry stare from the mirror.

As the adjustment of head position continued, Mahesh’s outrage levels increased exponentially. Being a fresher, Suresh was actually being compliant with the angular position of heads in the hairstyles poster. Though it was a technically sound approach, the artistic touch was missing.

Unable to bear the continuous motion of head, Mahesh blasted Suresh as he said, “Hello! Boss! I’m not watching a tennis match here! Moreover, no one pushes my head like that from behind. When my friend did it, I broke his leg. When my wife did it, I divorced her. Not visiting your saloon again!”

Suresh was removed from his job after having ousted the customer while Mahesh had to go to a local barber doing business below the Peepal tree to get his remaining haircut done with a “Zara chota kardo” approach.