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Barber disappoints customer by not discussing politics while cutting hair

22, Nov 2015 By sameer mahawar

Delhi. In a major setback to barber community across India, Kallu Naayi committed a blunder by not talking anything regarding politics (a sweet pie for all barbers) while servicing his customer on Saturday afternoon.

What good is a barber if he doesn't discuss politics
How good is a barber if he doesn’t discuss politics

Praveen Verma, victim to this unfortunate incident, couldn’t believe that worst had happened to him and shared his experience with us.

“I woke up at 10 this morning, although it is quite early as per Weekend Standard Time and directly went to Kallu’s saloon even without brushing my teeth. I was asked to wait for 20 minutes for my turn to come, which eventually turned into 40 minutes. So to utilise this waiting time I started reading newspaper in order to show Kallu that I also know bit of politics which he, like every other Indian barber, was supposed to discuss with me while cutting my hair. But that obstinate fellow didn’t even utter a word,” said Praveen who is still to recover from this shock.

Heated and healthy discussion like “Bihar ka PM Laalu ko hi hona chahiye….Modi ji bas vides(h) mein hi ghumat rehat…eeh pappuwa konsa cartoon hai? Naya aya hai ka?” were expected from Kallu naayi by his various customers but he betrayed each one of them that noon.

Billu Naayi, Kallu’s ex-worker talked to Faking News and said, “Our community members are compulsorily provided with 15 days of Polity class as induction training before handing them with pair of scissors and ustraas. Not showing political skills while treating customers reduces our image. We are known as political pundits in the market. It feels like someone has thrown black ink on our faces. I want Kallu’s resignation.”

Sources say that the reason of not discussing anything related to politics by Kallu at that time was due to presence of Vimal Pan Masala inside his mouth, which he didn’t want to spit out without chewing it for at least two hours.