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BBMP sends notice to car owners who left without paying after their cars were cleaned up by the ‘natural’ foam coming out of lake

01, Oct 2015 By dasu

Bangalore: Last week, there was lot of hue and cry about potholes in Bangalore and at last BBMP found a way by motivating some Bangaloreans to adopt a pothole and take care of it.

In its pursuit for excellence, BBMP recently did another arrangement for the cars to be washed on the move.

BBMP planning to take action against car owners who don't pay for foam wash
BBMP planning to take action against car owners who don’t pay for foam wash

BBMP spokesperson told us, “Our city residents are always on the run. Due to their hectic work schedules, some of us do not get time to wash ourselves, how we will get time to clean our cars. We were thinking of ways how we can help our citizens. We observed most of our lakes are filled with natural foam. BBMP does not have to do much to maintain the foam level as the residents and industries take care of it by allowing the untreated sewerage to flow into the lake bed.”

He further added, “We thought if the foam from the lakes can naturally come out on the street and clean the cars when it is on the move, it will help us in two ways. First of all, it will not be heavy on car owner’s wallet as we will charge a nominal amount per wash and second it will generate some revenue for a cash strapped organization like ours which is struggling to maintain this beautiful city. Needless to add, this saves time and energy for all. Kind of smart solution I think which most of the smart cities in future will adopt.”

Spokesperson also said, “After inspecting all the lakes, we selected Belandur and Varthur lakes for the pilot project as they have huge quantity of natural foam inside and almost for a year without our notice, these two lakes are helping the motorists to clean their vehicles on the move. Another reason for us to select these two because they are close to IT corridors like Whitefield, Sarjapur road where the traffic density is high and lot of motorists need a way to clean their vehicles.”

The spokesperson was upset when some of the owners left the place without paying for it.

“They might have thought as their cars are well covered with the foam, no one can track their number plates. However we have installed many CCTV cameras on the way, which have captured the pictures of their vehicles before they entered the wash area. We have sent notice to car owners to pay for it soon; otherwise we will be compelled to take action,” he said while lowering his eyebrows.

The spokesperson concluded by saying, “Soon we will come up with a monthly wash option and also we are working on a mechanism to provide facility for online payment too.”