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BCCI sets up its own panel to review Supreme Court's indictment of Gurunath Meiyappan

11, Feb 2014 By indianpsycho

Chennai. BCCI has today decided to set up a 3 member panel to review the Supreme court-appointed Justic Mudgal committee’s report which indicted BCCI president’s son-in-law Gurunath Meiyappan in IPL betting scandal.

The announcement for same was made by Srinivasan after reportedly ignoring taking everyone’s opinion in BCCI into consideration.

N srinivasan Meiyappan
All three heading towards the panel meeting.

The decision thus taken by this BCCI appointed panel will be final and bending, sources confirm.

“This is not how enthusiasts ought to be treated. There is no value of one in our country. That’s why we have dearth of talented enthusiasts and fail to come up with one on a regular basis,” Srinivasan told Media gathered outside his house and left them wondering if he was talking about fast bowlers.

BCCI officials justify the decision taken by Srinivasan them and claim it was necessary to form an ‘independent’ panel. They argue that findings in the report submitted to SC cannot be taken at face value as its members have no idea about what cricket is and how it is run.

“How can a former chief justice of Haryana, a state which has hardly given any international cricketer to Indian team, have any idea about IPL and what happened during the tournament? It’s like Sajid Khan judging India’s got Talent,” argued a senior BCCI official who is eyeing the post of BCCI president after Srinivasan becomes ICC chairman from July this year.

When this Faking News reporter pointed bout that cricketing legend Kapil Dev belonged to Haryana, the BCCI official pointed out that Kapil was involved in ICL and thus working against Indian cricket BCCI at one point of time.

“We can never be sure if Justice Mudgal is in fact taking revenge for what BCCI did to Kapil Dev after he joined ICL,” he further added.

The three member panel will consist of ace commentator Ravi Shastri who BCCI claims will act in independent capacity without any bias and clichés, a CSK cheerleader who may have witnessed the proceedings of dressing room and dugout and Gurunath Meiyappan himself.

“Who better and closer than Meiyappan himself to tell what he did and what he didn’t. That’s as close a witness as we can get,” the official reasoned.

Pointing to how self lacerations are the order of the day, BCCI is confident that Gurunath headed committee would take a fair decision upholding the spirit of the game. And if he is found guilty, Gurunath would also decide and undertake necessary punishments.