Beggar starts ‘’, plans go on hunger strike on behalf of protesters

08, Sep 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: A beggar in Delhi, who has started his own company called RentMyHunger, plans to go on hunger strike on behalf of protesters.

Need someone to fast on you behalf? Try RentMyHunger
Need someone to fast on your behalf? Try RentMyHunger

Sitting outside a metro station, beggar Nathulal was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule and speak to our reporter.

He said, “Let me first tell you that I am not a beggar by choice. I was previously working in a major IT company. After I got fed up with my job, I quit and launched my own startup. But I failed miserably and here I am now. But I haven’t given up yet and my latest venture is, where I and my fellow beggars will go on hunger strike on behalf of protesters, for a fee of course.”

“Protesters are our most valued clientele. I have around 50 other beggars working under me. It’s a win-win situation for both protesters and us. When they go on hunger strike they need support from their followers. But most followers can’t go without food more than a day and some people don’t even have followers. That is where we come in. They pay us money for our services and we go hungry on their behalf,” he added.

Clients are happy too. A social worker who was protesting against ‘Sunny Li Yoni’ for spreading obscenity in the country, found out that there was hardly anyone at protest venue other than him and a few people from the media. Scared that the protest might fizzle out, he quickly called up people from RentMyHunger.

Business prospects look good with frequent protests at Jantar Mantar. RentMyHunger has already received stage 2 funding from VC’s. The company plans to build offices across all major cities in India.

“We are also looking to leverage technology. Now you can request a hunger strike right through our Android app,” said Nathulal as news of hunger strike announced by opposition parties to protest against the government was flashed across news channels.