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Besides photographer, groom's family hires a guy to regularly update groom's Facebook status on the day of his marriage

16, Feb 2015 By idiot420

New Delhi. The family of soon to be married Vikas Agrawal has hired a man specially to keep updating Pradeep’s Facebook and other social media accounts on the day of his marriage.

Talking to Faking News about his unique initiative, Vikas’ father Pradeep Agrawal said that he was a very modern man and liked to keep pace with the modern culture.

“My wife checking in”

“Now is the time for our society to move on from hiring just photographers and videographers. We as parents should understand our children’s need,” Pradeep Agrawal told Faking News adding that the hired social media guy will not only update his son’s Facebook status, but will also live tweet the whole marriage ceremony.

“He will post YouTube links of songs being played at our home and by the band-baaja party, pics of rituals taking place, and every other details. It should look like that my son’s Facebook profile is getting married,” Vikas’ father continued.

Even Vikas is quite happy with his father’s decision and is all praise for him. “The best thing about hiring a dedicated social media guy is that I will not have to update my relationship status to married days after actually getting married. Now, it will be updated in real time,” said Vikas expressing his happiness.

Vikas’ relatives, who have been invited for the marriage are very excited after hearing this news.

“It would be really nice to get tagged in the Facebook status updates related to the rituals that will take place on the day of marriage,” said an exhilarated Vikas’ masi, “Yes, I have a Facebook account.”

Meanwhile, experts are viewing it as a start of a new culture in the Indian marriage industry.

“We are hiring a couple of guys with decent social media know-how and who are expert at live tweeting events,” revealed owner of a photography studio hoping that the new trend of hiring dedicated social media guys for events like marriage is going to generate a lot of jobs.