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News Channel offers BJP MP Ramesh Pokhriyal role of daily astrologer after bashing him for "Astrology is superior to Science" remark

04, Dec 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. BJP MP from Haridwar, Ramesh Pokhriyal, who courted controversy by declaring Astrology superior to Science during a parliamentary debate, was today offered role of a daily astrologer by a news channel.

The news channel reportedly struck the deal with Pokhriyal while thrashing and interviewing him for the regressive remark.

According to sources, seconds after the news reporter was done criticizing Pokhriyal on camera, he handed company’s offer letter to the BJP MP off camera, and requested him to join the channel.

Pokhriyal was initially reluctant as he wanted a TV broadcast technology that was similar to Sanajay’s broadcast during Mahabharata, but he later accepted the offer after channel persuaded him.

“Not only does he have the required knowledge for the job, he also seems to be passionate and unconcerned about what people many think about his thoughts,” said the channel’s chief editor, “Perfect qualities to be a successful astrologer on a News Channel!”

This screenshot says it all.
This screenshot says it all.

The channel in question further revealed that it was the 2 minute commercial break during the interview which sealed it for the Ex Uttrakhand Chief Minister.

“During the break we saw him patting his child on his back after the boy told him that he had flunked in school’s Science exam. We were as shocked as his child, but we knew we have found our man,” the editor disclosed.

When Faking News asked the channel if it was double standards on its part to mock a politician for such thoughts and yet have such early morning and late night astrology programs, they rejected the criticism.

“We must not mix business with pleasure,” argued the channels MD, arguably referring to Astrology Programs as business and bashing MP’s for regressive thoughts as pleasure.

Pokhriyal has however been asked to refrain from going overboard during the show.

“We are not competing with Comedy nights with Kapil. We would want to keep seriousness of such shows intact howsoever notorious they may be,” the editor explained.

News Channel later did a mock program first to check his compatibility with the callers. Sources say HRD Minister Smriti Irani was reportedly the first caller who called on the show.