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BMTC driver slows down to allow the pedestrian to cross the road, causes massive accident behind

25, Oct 2015 By dasu

Bengaluru: BMTC drivers are known for not using the brake when they see an empty road in a heavily congested city like Bangalore. Sometimes accident do happen like what we saw this week when the BMTC bus ran over a college student. If you ask the drivers, they will say “Honi ko kaun taal sakta hai” (Things happen as per the destiny).

The bus that stopped to let people cross the road.
The bus that stopped to let people cross the road.

BBMP and BDA have constructed flyovers and underpasses for signal free drive, but they never bothered about how pedestrians will cross the road. It’s like you have prepared a nice ground for a cricket match, but forgot to prepare the pitch in the middle.

BMTC buses running over people is not something new, this is as common as Kejriwal blaming central government for everything. What we witnessed today was something unique which caused a major accident on outer ring road.

A fully loaded BMTC Volvo bus was coming from Hebbal side and it was going towards White Field. One of the techie staying near Ramamurthy Nagar underpass was trying to cross to other side.

To his surprise the vehicles coming from Hebbal side increased their speed as they normally do as soon as they saw someone is trying to cross the road.

Most probably five vehicles would have run over the techie, when the BMTC driver Nagaraju spotted the techie as he was wearing a red tie and slowed down the vehicle which allowed him to cross the road.

The BMTC bus saved the techie’s life, but massive accident happened behind the bus as vehicles dashed with each other. It was not people’s fault as no one would have imagined in their dreams a BMTC driver will put the brake on, that too to allow a pedestrian to cross the road.

The most furious are the vehicle insurance companies and they have decided to put a case against BMTC and bus driver Nagaraju.

One of the senior citizen who has been using BMTC service from 70’s told us, “BMTC conductors & drivers work on five core principles. Never return change, never ask male passengers to vacate the seat reserved for ladies, do not start the bus when it is filled with less than 300% of it’s capacity, do not allow proper time for people to get down. Last but not the least, never ever respect traffic rules. On top of this finding a smiling, nicely behaving conductor is as difficult as finding some kind of story line in a Salman Khan movie.”

BMTC executive director has a different opinion. He said, “It’s the stress that they have to go through. I challenge you to drive in such heavy traffic every day for such long time, you will see what happens to you. They are also drivers empowered with 290 horse power vehicles. Sometimes they also need thrill, need to release their stress. Drivers will be drivers and will make mistakes. Will you hang them for this rash driving?”