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Boss screws employee's appraisal for not having the word ‘Regards’ in email signature

09, Jul 2016 By Beer & Biryani

Hyderabad: An employee working in Hitec City was given a bad appraisal for one of the pettiest reasons ever; his email signature did not contain the term ‘Regards’.

Employee upset about not having 'Regards' in email signature
Employee upset about not having ‘Regards’ in email signature

Speaking to Faking News, Sunil Kumar, the disheartened appraise said, “My signature contains just thanks with my name in the next line. Why should I unnecessarily pay regards to someone who is yet another salaried employee like me? My take-home salary might just be peanuts, but I bet his salary is nothing more than masala peanuts.”

We spoke to the boss who had given Sunil a bad rating to see what his thoughts were. “Those who have ‘Thanks & Regards’ in their signature have got the 1st rating, while the ones with ‘Regards’ were given the 2nd. Coming to the one who just say ‘Thanks’, it clearly shows how disrespectful they are to the opportunity givers like us. Also, those who’ve not thanked me for the opportunities I gave, fell into the 3rd rating category. So, either change your signature, or I’ll change your salary,” he said point blank.

It is believed that a lot of employees in Sunil’s circle have started creating signatures with “Sashtang Namaskar” emojees in them, along with words like “It would never have been possible without you”, “Thanks, Gracias, Merci, Danke, Much Obliged and Regards” etc., while the experts are of the opinion that this is the most honest form of appraisal the industry has ever seen.