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Boy accidentally forwards ‘Wrong’ jokes to Family’s WhatsApp group; gets invited to 4 new groups

26, Apr 2015 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Kanpur. Shakti, a teenage boy, who got new smartphone on his 16th birthday last month has learned his first lesson even before he could explore all the social features of the phone. Like any other teenager Shakti got hooked to WhatsApp within in days of receiving the smartphone. But it didn’t take him long to realize that user also has to be smart enough while using smartphones.

In a major embarrassment he accidentally forwarded the jokes to his Family’s WhatsApp group while they were meant for another group consisting of his coaching friends. Since then he is trying to avoid bumping into his cousins and uncles who live in the same locality.

Shocked Shakti
Shocked Shakti

It happened on the day of Baisakhi, when Admin of WhatsApp group ‘BakarMandi’ which consists of his friends, renamed group to ‘Happy Baisakhi’. Poor Shakti failed to notice his cousin also changed the group name from ‘Kapoor Family’ to ‘Happy Baisakhi’ on the same day. Suddenly he received ‘that’ type of forward joke from a friend. As a natural reaction he decided to forward it to his pals. In a momentary lapse of judgment he clicked on the wrong WhatsApp group. Before he could understand what happened, he heard the beeps on phones of his cousins sitting around him.

The moment he realized what happened, he thought of deleting the group. But it was too late. While his elder cousins started giving him the ‘proud-of-you-bro-welcome-to-the-grown-up-club’ look, he was more worried about what his ‘Chacha ji’ and ‘Tau ji’ might think of him. Thereafter sound of every notification on his phone felt like a hammer hitting his head and he put his phone on silent.

Unaware of all this when Shakti’s parents saw him away from phone for more than 2 hours they got worried and tried to check if his 3G pack has enough data available. The rug swept out from under his feet and he snatched his phone back from them. Shakti checked the phone to find he was added in 4 new groups in last 2 hours and received messages from his cousins and uncles to send more stuff through direct messages. One message read, “Finally you lived up to your name, Shakti Kapoor”.

Although feeling a bit relieved, Shakti is still looking for ways to avoid such mishaps in future. Shaitaan Khopdi™ suggested maintaining Family group and Friend groups on different chat apps altogether. At the time of publishing this report Shakti was trying to convince his family to migrate on Viber since it has better stickers and emojis.