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Boy accuses parents of attempt to murder after they want him to become honest IAS officer

20, Mar 2015 By indianpsycho

Bangalore. A 16 year old boy from the city has accused his parents of attempting to murder him after repeatedly asking him to start preparations for IAS in order to become an honest IAS officer.

Fling an FIR at Austin Town Police Station, Ravirajan accused his parents of constantly pressurizing him to become an IAS officer, ever since he was 8 years old.

Fate of honest IAS officers like DK Ravi in India, is what made the boy suspect his parents.
Fate of honest IAS officers like DK Ravi in India, is what made the boy suspect his parents.

“It has been 8 years of mental molestation. Earlier I used to ignore their pleas, but now after the unfortunate death of DK Ravi, their motive is crystal clear,” the boy, who wants to work for RAW, told the Police in-charge, “They just wan’t me dead.”

“Couldn’t they have just restricted their demand to IAS officer. What was the need to add ‘honest’ to their demand?” he asked.

The boy further accused his parents of being partial and treating him differently than his 2 year elder sister.

“I always knew they don’t love me as much as they love my sister,” he told Faking News.

“I mean they never ask her to become anything and just keep her safely at home,” he pointed.

“They would be happy if she becomes a successful housewife. How lovely for her,” he added.

However his parents when confronted by the Police were hesitant initially but later gave in and promised to not trouble the kid anymore.

“We are shocked that he felt that way of thought that we wanted to kill him. I mean I would never ever ask him to become IAS officer again. For his life’s longevity sake I will now be asking him to become a politician rather,” his father told Faking News.

When asked if they would want him to be an honest politician, his mother (former AAP supporter) shot back, “It’s an oxymoron.”