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Boy chatting on phone takes too long in toilet, parents file missing complaint

14, Jan 2015 By Anil Sharma

New Delhi: Ramesh Kumar and his wife Anjali got the shock of their lives later in the evening today when they reached home after filing a missing complaint as they failed to find their son even after searching for him in the entire city. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw their 18-year-old  missing son, Shubham, coming out of the toilet.

The mother, Anjali, couldn’t resist her emotions and broke into tears immediately. She started hugging and kissing Shubham until he got pissed off and said “What the hell mom? Last night too when I asked you ‘Where is Mahatma?’ you started preaching me about this guy named M.K. Gandhi while I just wanted to know whereabouts of mah hat and now this rona-dhona? Chill mom, stop watching TV serials.”

Sometimes you get lost

Apparently, Shubham was last seen by his mom Anjali, in the morning at around 9 in his bedroom when she made a cup of tea for him. After that nobody in the family heard a word from Shubham.

According to Anjali, she first thought that her son was out to meet his friends or something but when he did not return home after several hours she got worried and called her husband who was at work at that time.

“I came home immediately just to learn that Shubham’s gone missing since morning. He usually never leave his room. So, I called his number but he kept disconnecting it.  I tried several times but he kept rejecting my calls, at last he put me in the block-list. I thought something bad has happened to my son and some other guy is using his phone,” Ramesh told Faking News.

“We began searching for him and made enquiries with all his friends. But all our efforts went into vain as we couldn’t get a hint about him. Then only we filed the missing complaint in the nearby police station,” Ramesh added.

“Well, good thing that my son was missing, if it was for my daughter I’d have to hear ‘Looks like she has eloped with her lover, don’t you worry she  will be back soon’ from the police while filing the compliant,” Ramesh went on to add.

On the other hand, Shubham, found the whole incident hilarious as he was in the toilet chatting with unknown people the whole time and nobody bothered to check for him in there.

“Thank God, my phone’s battery died and I came out to get it charged for the night. Yeah, I did get some calls from dad’s number but I thought it was just some usual khana khale beta calls so I ignored them. Time really flies when you’re chatting with your friends and especially if you’re a Whatsapp group admin. Everyone respects you so much that sometimes you get lost,” Shubham said.

When asked why in the toilet he said, “Well, it’s the most peaceful place to sit and it is the place where you get mind blowing ideas. The seat seems cold though for the first few minutes but it gets warmer with time.”

Meanwhile, BJP’s Sakshi Maharaj didn’t miss this opportunity as well to make a comment as he said, “That is why I am telling the Hindus to have four children. If one goes missing, you still have three left.”