Boy and girl busy looking at their phone didn’t realize they were on date with wrong person

18, Sep 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Mukesh did not realize he spent three hours with a girl whom he does not know, has never met before. Ditto was the case for the ‘unknown’ girl as both of them super busy with their phones never got time to have a glance at each other.

This is what happened through the day and evening. Mukesh, taking a break from Google search at office, booked a table for candlelight dinner at the 13th floor restaurant in MG road. It was for the date with his girlfriend Sandhya who has recently shifted to Bengaluru from Hyderabad.

“As soon as I entered the place felt it was over crowded for a week day, may be many had booked like me due to the discounts they offer on week days. The restaurant manager escorted me to a table where my unknown ‘girlfriend’ was waiting”, Mukesh told his roommate after reaching his room.

Mukesh added, “While fully engrossed in our phones, we said hi to each other while our cheeks touched each other’s. She ordered something, I ordered something, shared ½ soup. Food was tasty. Wi-Fi network of the place was awesome, probably that kept us fully busy through the evening.”

“I didn’t realize about the wrong date till Sandhya texted me,” said Mukesh to his roommate.

“Sorry Mukesh, my android phone battery ran out when I was inside a cab. Yahan Itna traffic hota hai mujhe pata nahin tha. Now only I reached my PG in Whitefield. If I start now, we can have morning breakfast only. Sorry for spoiling today’s plan, will meet you over the weekend. Luv u … Sandhya”.

Mukesh’s roommate after hearing all these was upset Sandhya did not turn up at the restaurant.

Aaj toh ‘The End’ hota Mukesh aur Sandhya ka. Mera last profile picture ko Sandhya ne like bhi kiya hai. Who knows, mera kuch chance bhi ban sakta tha. Iss Whitefield traffic ne sab spoil kar diya”, Mukesh’s roommate was thinking.