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Boy impresses girl by seamlessly placing a complex pizza order at the pizza shop

26, Aug 2014 By idiot420

Lucknow. Pintu, a cool dude in his early twenties impressed a local girl at the city pizza shop by seamlessly placing a complex pizza order without fumbling or stopping even for a second, and that too in slightly Italian accent.

Last evening Pintu with couple of his friends was at Pizza Ghar to celebrate his birthday, where this incident took place.

Impress Girl
“Wow, you even know names of all the sauces they have at Subway. I am impressed.”

“He walked up to the counter confidently and placed the most complicated and elaborate order I had ever heard with such a great panache, that everyone who heard him was simply amazed,” recalled Pinky, who was standing next to Pintu at the counter.

“He ordered half the BBQ Chicken with pineapple and the other half with peppers and something else which was so complex that I can’t even repeat that. I was in awe of his awareness about pizza names, toppings and dips. And his pronunciation was flawless! I was so lucky to be standing beside him,” Pinky narrated the most delicious experience she had at the pizza shop.

“He was class apart and reminded me of James Bond ordering a Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred,” an impressed Pinky concluded, further revealing that she had immediately asked Pintu for an autograph.

While everyone is amazed and in awe of him, Pintu says that it’s nothing new for him and such incidents happen with him on regular basis. But it’s not like he was always like this.

“Till a couple of years back I was a like a every other normal person, feeling shy of placing complicated pizza orders. I usually gave the task of ordering pizza to one of my friends, who was well aware of all the pizza related mumbo jumbo,” Pintu told Faking News.

“I still remember how I embarrassed I used to feel after seeing the counter sales boy speaking more confidently than me!” Pintu recalled his gloomy old days, “Once my girlfriend ditched me for one of such counter sales boy, as she thought he was more hip and cool than me.”

It was then, that Pintu decided to take charge of his life and emerge a winner. Pintu’s close friends say that a heartbroken Pintu memorized all pizza bases, topping names, their combinations, and even names of Italian cities. To further polish his knowledge, he finally joined a pizza shop for a month as a sales boy.

Although considered a complete man now, Pintu is still hungry for perfection. Latest reports suggest that he has already started working hard to achieve mastery over memorizing product catalogs and seamless pronunciation of high end luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Christian Dior.