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Boy relocates further away from exam center to get extra time to study while on way to center

20, Mar 2014 By idiot420

Lucknow. Kavish Gupta, a class 12th student who is taking his board exams, has relocated further away from his exam centre, just in order to get extra time to study and revise the syllabus while commuting from his home to exam hall.

The out of the box idea clicked in mind of Kavish’ father Gajendra Gupta, who was determined to do every possible thing for his son’s better performance in the crucial exam.

Boy Reading
More congenial environment than home.

“It is war like situation. Increasing distance of our home from the exam center is going to provide my son a much needed geographical advantage over his competitors,” said Mr Gajendra while talking to Faking News.

“Once Kavish’s exams are over, we will return to our original bunker,” he added.

When we tried to find out how exactly this decision was going help Kavish, his father revealed the secret.

“It is a well established fact that study material that a student reads up while on his way to the exam hall, gets tattooed on his brain for the next few hours. So why not increase this highly productive travel time?”

Even Kavish holds a similar thought.

“My experience says that reading while sitting in the house is not that effective. But reading answers while traveling in bus, auto, car, etc. creates much more impact,” claimed Kavish supporting his father’s decision.

“Weeks of exam preparation is nothing in front of those few minutes,” he added.

To prolong that precious duration, his father is even planning to hire a bullock cart for Kavish to commute between the new house and the exam centre. “Bullock carts are airy, so more fresh air while revising syllabus. And best part is their slow speed, it’s perfect,” quipped Mr Gupta.

Meanwhile Guptas’ strategic move has created a chaotic condition in his neighbor Mr. Sharma’s house, whose son Shravan is classmate of Kavish.

Sources tell Faking News that Sharmas are going to shift a couple of kilometers farther than Kavish’s new house. And to prolong the traveling time further, Mr. Sharma is planning to carry his 18 years old son on his own shoulders.