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Boy ships gift bought online to girlfriend's house, by mistake gives Cash On Delivery as payment option

14, Feb 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Bangalore: A loving act of buying a gift for his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day has created a lot of problem for local boy, Rajan. He bought an expensive gift online and gave his girlfriend’s house as delivery address but by mistake gave cash on delivery as payment option.

What future holds for Rajan
What future holds for Rajan

As per our relationship experts, this could be seen by his girlfriend as an act of great kanjoosi and she may break up with him within next 48 hours.

When we spoke to Rajan, an IT Engineer in a leading tech company, he told us the story in detail. Rajan said, “Well I had spent around 2 yrs trying to woo that girl and things were finally progressing after she said yes to my proposal last week. I thought I would really impress her by buying her an expensive gift so I bought her a smartphone online. The phone was on sale for a limited time and in the heat of frantic clicking and adrenaline rush, I completely forgot to change my payment method from COD. I am now imagining her face going from gleeful ecstasy to excruciating rage. I frantically called the website guys explaining the situation but they have refused to cancel the order stating technical reasons.”

“I can’t even go tell my girlfriend who would think that I am an idiot for making a silly mistake like that and breakup anyway. Thankfully I didn’t buy her an iPhone, that would have made matters worse. On top of that I gave her number for SMS alerts and she knows something’s coming for her thanks to the alerts after every 5 minutes”, Rajan said.

Rajan is now considering going into hiding or is thinking of convincing the Bajrang Dal activists to beat him up so that he can gain some sympathy and in turn escape getting beaten up by the girl.