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Boy shocked as distant relative calls up when there are no exam results

12, Dec 2013 By advancedexter

Mumbai. Still recovering from the shock when some “Aurangabad wale uncle” called him earlier this year to inquire about how he fared in his class Xth board exams, Anish Mehta was shattered when he got a call from the same uncle again even though there were no exam results pending or declared.

“I was shocked! I couldn’t even say Namaste or Pranaam. I tried to recall if I had forgotten any exam, because he appears to remember them so well!” Anish told Faking News.

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The family is wondering whether the number should be reported as spam

Anish claims that the Aurangabad wale uncle is one of those who call up after board exams and say “Pehchaaana mujhe?”

“After getting the minute details about the results, they go on to suggest if one should become a doctor or an engineer. This uncle even suggested which branch of engineering and which college I should take admission to, even though I’m not sure if I’d go for engineering,” Anish recalled his last encounter with “Aurangabad wale uncle”.

After help from his parents, who also struggled for over 5 minutes, Anish confirmed that the Aurangabad wale uncle was his dad’s uncle’s fourth maternal cousin’s daughter’s elder brother-in-law.

It’s not yet clear why the Aurangabad wale uncle called up and wanted to talk to Anish even though his 12th board exams are almost a couple of years away.

“He asked me how my studies were going and questions like – engineering ke baad management bhi karega? – I had no idea what to say,” Anish said.

“But I was totally shocked when he said – kuchh bol nahi raha, girlfriend ka chakkar hai kya? – I mean, what is he up to!?” the 15-year-old boy wondered.

Not only Anish, the whole family was shocked at this surprise call, which left them wondering if Aurangabad wale uncle was trying to get close to the family and looking for a place in Mumbai to stay.

“He doesn’t even have a son who is of same age, with whom he can compare Anish, so we really don’t know why is he showing so much interest!” Anish’s mother told this reporter.

To be safe, they have already removed “Atithi Devo Bhav” banner that they had earlier used to decorate their 1.5 BHK flat during Diwali.